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We are happy to offer makeup tutorials, especially to suit African-American women and other women of color. Makeup for Black women can be very hard to find. LyzaDora Beauty offers a wide selection of affordable makeup tutorials that is as close as a few clicks away. Beautifying and maintaining a healthy look should be a woman's priority. We are always ready to respond to the women's need to appear beautiful.

Our tutorials are available in a wide selection of women's need ranging from beginner, intermediate and advanced styles all specially blended for Luxury women's needs.

These tutorials also teaches women of color how to care for their natural hair and live healthy lives while grasping the privilege to stay fabulous. In these tutorials, we will discuss the major mistakes people make when choosing a natural hair style and give them a clearer understanding of it all.

Our dedication is to show women how to do several different looks ranging from makeup, best look to work, looking beautiful while going out, everyday looks, wedding/bridal appearance and many more special events.

Are you struggling with your hair all your life, have you visited so many salons, and they just never appear to know what to do? Then this tutorial is for you, all you need to do is apply it to your own Locs, and you will experience a drastic change in your Loc styles.

Are you ready? Get in touch with us immediately!

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