About Me

lyzadora theartist

Hi, I’m happy to have you here.Despite the fact that I am a professional Luxury hair stylist and makeup artist with 15 years of experience here in the United States, I also work with clients all across the globe.

My Personal Branding & Self-Discovery Process:

I have been passionate about natural hair and makeup since early childhood and knew very early about my desire to pursue this dream; this desire has taken me all around the globe.

My Reasons:

When going on my journey of self-discovery to design my unique Signature Brand. I had the privilege to live and work with several models of America's Next Top Model, Houston Fashion Week, top networks including CNN, MTV and many others in different parts of the world. I also worked with influential dignitaries, politicians, actors, and actresses.

But I have reached a point where I felt the low representation of women, and then the feeling of not being where I was supposed to became obvious to me. I took a decision to quit the corporate world to find and live my purpose in life (Providing Luxury, Confidence and Encouragement to my fellow women which will help them look and feel beautiful).

I love people, and I enjoy helping them grow. I am always the one people would turn to; there must be a reason. That was when I decided I want to be a mentor and a coach who will always equip women with knowledge and skills to rediscover the beauty that they possess. I started working with amazing clients who experienced positive changes in the way they look.

Today, as an international hair stylist and professional makeup artist, I want to show women how to appear in several different looks of their choice in a stress-free manner.

LyzaDora Beauty is up and sets to help you with comprehensive online tutorials on how to fashion that perfect locs, natural hair (from short to long hair) and the right makeup for women of color.

My passion is to show women how to do several Loc styles and different looks with my powerful tutorials. So they can finally get noticed, procured and paid what they're worth.

Cool! If you’re ready to take your make up life to the next level – let’s get connected!

As your coach and mentor, I will inspire you to take courageous action steps towards accomplishing a higher makeup style.